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December 6 - January 6
Karisyohan Han Pasko Ha Palo
Palo, Leyte

The town of Palo, which is the religious center of Eastern Visayas, is transformed into a veritable "Christmas Village" wherein the whole community participate in the beautiful Filipino traditions of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

In 1989, Enrico M. Saboren, a tenor based in California, started to decorate their family ancestral house with artistic Christmas decors from abroad.  This "House of Fantasy" fascinated people from all of walks of life who make it a point to visit Palo to enjoy the unique sights.

As part of its annual entertainment, comunity competitions like best decorated barangay, best belen, best parol (lantern), old traditions of pastores and Christmas carol singing, drum and bugle corps and other festivities make Christmas in Palo truly enjoyable, its real meaning understood and its cultural value enhanced.

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Kasadya-an Festival
Tacloban City

Leyte's festival of festivals participated in by various municipalities in order to preserve cultural traditions, thus enhancing the town's touristic appeal.


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We've saved the best for last.  Just when you thought it was safe to go home, Christmas rolls around the corner with a sackful of merry events.  In case you didn't know, we Filipinos celebrate the longest, most anticipated (and certainly most enjoyable) yuletide season -- enough reason to unpack your bags and stay an extra month!