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[EASTERN VISAYAS:  a natural gateway in southeast asia and to the rest of the world]


Pristine Idyllic
Historic Islands Beckon

Imagine three islands of unexplored mountains and caves inhabited by exotic wildlife, of pristine shores rimmed by unspoilt coral reefs, of cloud-hidden lakes of blue surrounded by multi-colored flowers, and of islets beautifully sculpted by the elements.

Islands where world history had unfolded leaving traces all over the land, where the east and west had met and wed, where the proud heritage of several cultures, having been unselfishly shared, have grown.

Leyte, Samar and Biliran, three islands in the Pacific which have remained gleaming jewels of past history while preserving nature's bounty within its rustic shores.  They beckon to the adventurous - explore untouched beauty, to the daring - solve intricate mysteries, and to the weary - rest.

Attune with the land are the beautiful and hospitable people of the islands whose bright smiles and warm welcome fittingly complement their enchanting land.  Your most unforgettable experiences will be the exuberant and passionate faces of Leyteños and Samareños.

Come visit Eastern Visayas - and experience the vibrant beauty of life....

Tacloban City, the regional capital of Eastern Visayas is a charming city blessed with rich history, rustic ambiance, lush greenery, friendly people and scenic Kankabato Bay.

For history and culture buffs, the Leyte Historical Trail takes visitors on an unforgettable experience of the rare historical landmarks, passing through the scenic towns of Palo, Jaro, Carigara, Capoocan, Ormoc, Albuera and Baybay.  Visit Hill 522, the MacArthur Landing Memorial, the Leyte Provincial Capitol, historical Price Mansion, Hill 120, Buga-Buga Hills, Breakneck Ridge and Navy 3149 Base.  Feel the bravery of the generation who fought and sacrified their lives that we may enjoy freedom today.

The enthralling islands of Samar and Leyte thrives with wondrous natural creations like the Sohoton Natural Bridge National Park.  Tourists can visit this majestic natural attraction on board a native outrigger, just an hour and 45-minutes ride thru the Basey Golden River, passing through small, picturesque villages.

Experience the islands' other scenic natural attractions like the Marabut Marine Park which boasts of 15 towering rock islands with secluded beach coves and coral gardens, perfect for snorkeling, scuba-diving, sun bathing and other water-sports activities.  Nature-lovers will likewise enjoy white water rafting (rapids shooting) a very challenging aqua sport at the Lulugayan Falls and Rapids of Calbiga, Samar.

Outdoor-enthusiasts will find new kind of high at the Mahagnao Volcano National Park in Burauen and La Paz, Leyte, whose main attractions are its Hot Springs, lovely lakes, an extinct volcano with sulfur pockets, and a majestic waterfall.

Spelunkers will surely enjoy exploring the Gobingob-Lanugan, Caves of Calbiga, said to be the 2nd largest karst cave in the world.  Both Leyte and Samar abounds with several smaller caves, mysterious underground chambers.

In Southern Leyte lies pristine and historic Limasawa Islands, the Philippines' seat of Christianity where the first mass ever recorded in the country was celebrated.

The island-town of Biri in Northern Samar entices with its unique natural beauty and exotic rock formations.  Visitors are impressed with the island's  colorful festivals - "Pintados", "Sarakiki" and "Buyogan", adjudged as one of the ten best festivals of the Philipiines.  Region VIII is home to the internationally-acclaimed Leyte Kalipayan Dance Company.  Try dancing the "kuracha", a graceful native dance of courtship.

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