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Island idyll; friendly and hospitable Filipinos in an excellent port to adventurers of panoramic islands.


Unspoilt setting; site of uprising against the Spaniards and famous landing of US forces during WW2.

  Southern Leyte

March 28, 1521, the day Magellan "discover" the Philippines and held the first Mass in the Orient.

  Eastern Samar

Watering Place of Good Signs with verdant forests and golden cowrie shells shining in its pristine seas.

  Northern Samar

A 16th century route of Spain's Acapulco-Manila galleon trade; base of the Sumuroy Rebellion.


Tropical flora and fauna, rivers, caverns and waterfalls woven into an adventure extra-ordinaire.

  Wow Philippines!

Exotic and fun-filled archipelago: a haven of Western sophistication and Oriental mysticism.

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