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This chat system is still on its early stages of development. Currently, there are number of bugs which we are still trying to fix. In the future release of our chat client, we are looking forward to developing an enhanced IRC chat system which will support common IRC commands, multiple channel connections, and private chat sessions. We are also designing a better user interface, so watch out for it.

If you have suggestions or questions, please contact us.


The following acts are not allowed on this chat server:

  • Use of prank/indecent words or statement in the public chat room that may abuse or cause harm to other chatters.  Otherwise, you can exercise your freedom of expression to its full extent if you are only chatting privately.

  • Making this chat room a venue for conspiring to do criminal activities.

  • Advertisements or the promotion of self interests.

Violation to any or all articles of this policy will subject the offender to be banned from entering the DOT8 Chat System.


Please follow these procedures to join the DOT8 chatters:

  1. The chat room automatically loads in a new window when this DOT8 Chat System page opens.  During the first upload of the applet a certification form will popup. Please grant or permit the certificate for you to be able to use the chat applet. Not granting the certificate the permission would abort and disable the applet.

  2. Enter your desired nickname through this command:  /nick your_name at the top-left panel of the chat system.  If you are disconnected, press the Connect button and then type again your desired nickname and press Connect.

  3. At the first instance of the connection, a connection reply from the server will be shown on the message screen. If after some time a statement like 'too many connections from your localhost...' is received please try to check if you have any browser currently connected to the IRC client. Note: Only one connection is allowed on each local machine, so if you are sure that the applet has a problem, please report the bug to us.

  4. If you are successful in connecting to the server, you will be automatically joined to our channel [Wow Eastern Visayas - DOT8].  If unfortunately you cannot login, there is probably an existing user logged with the same nickname as you are.  Try to change your nickname if this is the case.

  5. The finale. Now if you have passed all the procedures mentioned above, then you can start chatting! You can use some of supported IRC commands on the client.


Command Description
/clear Clear the chat message screen.
/nick 'nick_name' Change your current nick name to a new 'nick_name'
/join '#new_channel_name' Leave your current channel and join a new channel.
Remember to supply "#" at the begining of your channel name.
/quit 'optional good bye message' Leave your current channel and disconnect from IRC network.
/msg 'nick' 'your message' Send a private message to a user with nick name 'nick'
/action Display the message in action format. 
/topic ; /topic '#channel' 'your topic' Display your current channel's topic or set your channel's topic
/ctcp 'nick_name' 'command' CTCP command includes "version", "clientinfo", "time", "echo"
/showurl '' Pop up a new browser window with the given URL content
/s 'sound_file' Play an audio file from the web server. The audio file name is "" in this case and must be located on the same directory of your applet file.
"%C4message %C9,3this is color" This is a special way to create multiple color within single message.
Use the "%C" to indicate a color code ( equevalent to Crl-K in mIRC).


This is the temporary chat system of DOT8.  We will try to come up with a server that will accommodate several channels to suit our ever increasing visitors.

For your suggestions or comments, please contact us.

NOTE: Multiple instances of browser logging on chat systems is not allowed. By default, any browser trying to connect after the first connection will not be able to connect to the server. Therefore, don't get confused when you cannot connect to the server using two or more browsers on the same PC.



For more information, contact:

Regional Office No. VIII
Leyte Park Compound
Tacloban City - 6500
Leyte, Philippines
Tel. #:  (63+53) 321-2048
Fax. #:  (63+53) 325-5279